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Most of my adventures are not just photography tours. Although they certainly revolve around taking great photos, we also typically learn about the culture and the people, as well as the natural history of the places visited. The participants are not only photographers of varied experiences, but also birders, biologists, artists, writers, and anyone who loves travel and the natural world.  

Due to other professional commitments, I will not be leading any new trips until the fall of 2019. I am in the process of planning the following trips for late 2019-2021:

                 ADVENTURES In PERU:  Explore the two most iconic destinations in South America - the Amazon rainforest and Machu Picchu. Discover colonial Cusco and Lima, both UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Visit the fishing village of Pucusana for a cruise to see Pacific seabirds such as Humboldt penguins, Inca terns, and the Peruvian booby. Observe Amazonian wildlife such as macaws, parrots,  hoatzin and giant river otters. Learn about Peruvian culture with visits to markets, farms, families, and weavers" workshops in the Sacred Valley. .Take part in  an ancient Pachama ceremony led by a local shaman.   This will be a women's only adventure for photographers and all travelers interested in natural history and culture.        - October 2019

Complete details available soon!. Click here for photos from my scouting trip, November 2018.

The Falkland Islands - Penguins and more - January 2020

Coastal Brown Bears - summer of 2020

Kenya Photo Safari/Kenya Connections - 2020 or  2021

2017 Itinerary 

Ecuador: Life in the Clouds - TBD

Trinidad and Tobago - TBD

Expedition to the Galapagos

April 4-14, 2018

The Galápagos Islands have been intriguing explorers for centuries. Discover firsthand the fascinating biodiversity, volcanic terrain, and geological history that make the islands so compelling. This 11 day program includes visits to landmarks like Pinnacle Rock, Sierra Negra volcano, Punta Espinoza, and the steep cliffs and dark beaches of Buccaneer Cove, plus the chance to see iconic and unusual wildlife. Accompanied by an expert naturalist guide, you’ll learn about the forces, both natural and human, that have shaped the archipelago through the years. 

Read about the Galapagos and Ecuador trip

Coastal Brown Bears of Alaska Photo Tour

August  2018

Lake Clark is a photographer’s paradise and one of the hidden gems of the National Park System. Located 100 miles from Anchorage but accessible only by small aircraft or boat, the park is deep in the Alaskan wilderness. Lake Clark National Park and Preserve at Silver Salmon Creek is the best destination to capture photos of grizzly bears in their natural habitat. The grizzly bears which live inside the wildlife preserve have never been hunted by humans, meaning that photographers can watch the bears acting naturally without adding any stress to these beautiful creatures, more naturally than any other setting. Although grizzly bears are still formidable wild animals that require respect, the bears inside Lake Clark National Park and Preserve peacefully live and let live. Unlike sites that have been overrun with tourists, Lake Clark Preserve sustains its pristine environment. The park doesn’t have any crowds, boardwalks or viewing platforms. The bears are at ease with our presence and act naturally.  The excellent guides provided for us by the lodge know these bears individually from years of observation and that assures us of a safe and successful trip. 

Photos from the 2016 Coastal Brown Bear Tour

Coastal Brown Bears Presentation

Beginning Bird Photography

1-3 day workshops available in southwest Florida, November - March.

Contact me for more information.

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