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Most of my adventures are not just photography tours, although some are more dedicated to photography than others. My primary goal is to help others find wonderment in the natural world and appreciation of other cultures and places. For those interested in recording their memories digitally, I'll help them get the best images with the equipment they have. The participants are not only photographers of varied experiences, but also birders, biologists, artists, writers, and anyone who loves travel and the natural world.  We follow the NANPA (North American Nature Photography Association) principles of ethical field practice and disturb any wild animals as little as possible. We also strive to be conscientious travelers. I research and share information about the culture and norms when we visit foreign countries so that we can be thoughtful and respectful guests. We look to have genuine interactions with people we meet and learn at least a few words of the language of our hosts. We stay at lodges that follow the best sustainable practices when we can and stay away from attractions that seem exploitive or marginalizing - of people or animals. If this ideas align with your perceptions of a tourist/traveler, I hope that you will be able to join me on one of my adventures or learning experiences.


Coastal Brown Bears of Alaska Photo Tour

Resuming in 2022-2023

Lake Clark is a photographer’s paradise and one of the hidden gems of the National Park System. Located 100 miles from Anchorage but accessible only by small aircraft or boat, the park is deep in the Alaskan wilderness. Lake Clark National Park and Preserve at Silver Salmon Creek is the best destination to capture photos of grizzly bears in their natural habitat. The grizzly bears which live inside the wildlife preserve have never been hunted by humans, meaning that photographers can watch the bears acting naturally without adding any stress to these beautiful creatures, more naturally than any other setting. Although grizzly bears are still formidable wild animals that require respect, the bears inside Lake Clark National Park and Preserve peacefully live and let live. Unlike sites that have been overrun with tourists, Lake Clark Preserve sustains its pristine environment. The park doesn’t have any crowds, boardwalks or viewing platforms. The bears are at ease with our presence and act naturally.  The excellent guides provided for us by the lodge know these bears individually from years of observation and that assures us of a safe and successful trip. 

Coastal Brown Bears Presentation


I’m very excited about my next safari for women only to see the amazing wildlife, beautiful landscapes and diverse cultures that define Kenya. This will be my 12th visit to Kenya, and I’ve chosen an itinerary and accommodations to maximize the opportunities for unique experiences and unforgettable wildlife encounters. Three different game parks and preserves are included in this 14 day safari, as well as a stay at the famous Giraffe Manor. We’ll visit a variety of habitats for the best opportunity to see an abundance of wildlife and a great diversity of species.

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